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academic conference on building standardization and innovative application held in snto

on december 15, the "academic conference on the standardization and innovative application of buildings" was held in the international conference center of snto. the conference was jointly hosted by hunan real estate chamber of commerce and the standardization institute of hunan academy of building research, and organized by snto. the conference was attended by leaders from administration for market regulation of hunan province, industry experts, and leaders of vanke and other well-known real estate companies.

standards are the technical support for economic activities and social development and are an important aspect of the country's basic system. in october 2021, the cpc central committee and the state council issued the "national standardization development outline", setting goals and blueprints for china's standardization development in the next 15 years.

in the standardized management of production, snto has won the title of "hunan industrial quality benchmark" by its "five standards and ten steps" zero-defect quality management model. based on the five standardized quality control of "result, inspection, process, training and inspection", this model is a valuable management tool for enterprise production and manufacturing. in 2021, snto was listed in the top 100 changsha enterprises practicing "three highlands and four new missions" strategies, adding more competitiveness in promoting the standardization process.


hu xiwen, general manager of the formwork business group of snto, said,

"standardization is productivity. it represents the discourse power of rules and the commanding ground of industrial competition. as the largest new aluminum formwork smart manufacturer in china, snto has actively responded to the national call for standardization and has achieved many standardized r&d achievements, forming three standardized product series of residence, office building, and basement. in particular, the newly developed basement in aluminum formwork of snto shows our continuous research and development, innovation, and breakthrough of the three standards: construction standardization, formwork standardization, and installation standardization, and have become an industry-leading product system of basement aluminum formwork.

as a traditional high energy consumption industry, the real estate industry continues its uncertainty. how to analyze the trend of the real estate market in depth to innovate? how to stabilize and improve the quality of products, projects, and services through the implementation of new construction standards, and help enterprises take the path of quality and efficient development? this is one of the purposes of this conference.

hu xinjun, director of certification and supervision division of administration for market regulation of hunan province, said, "in terms of standardization revision and pilot demonstration, the certification and supervision division of administration for market regulation of hunan province will offer nearly rmb 20 million in financial subsidies every year, support companies in certification, provide the iso9001 system certification services for small and micro enterprises free of charge, open a green channel in the industry and information technology department of hunan province to help the cultivation of specialized, sophisticated, distinctive, innovative companies, facilitate the development of enterprises and associations, and jointly promote the innovative use of standardization".

subsequently, in view of the current economic situation and the macro policy outlook in 2022, zhu xiang, professor of hunan normal university and member of the economic planning expert group of the people's government of hunan province, also made an important speech, pointing out the direction for the development of enterprises in the coming year. li jian, director of the formwork business group research institute of snto, delivered a speech on the theme of "practice of building standardization — new technology of aluminum formwork for basement" and shared the latest r&d achievements of snto's aluminum formwork to the industry. jin zengrong, party branch secretary of hunan real estate chamber of commerce, summarized the recent work and achievements of hunan real estate chamber of commerce.

finally, the guests expressed their high recognition of the standardized and innovative application of aluminum formwork of snto and reached a unified consensus on strengthening upstream and downstream interaction and carrying out standardized r&d work around the topics of "standardization and innovative application of buildings" and "standardization of application technology of aluminum formwork in the basement".  the conference came to an end with a lively discussion. 

standards are norms, the fruit of r&d achievements, and the summary of practical experience. standardization is the bridge that brings research results into production and is the main way to transform them into productivity.

nto will continue to strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream companies, enhance resource sharing, jointly promote the standardization of the whole construction industry chain, help real estate enterprises improve the quality of buildings, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve common development, so as to make greater contributions to the standardization of the real estate industry.