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consumption upgrade | reinforced aluminum foil with titanium set off a "new revolution" in food preservation

food is the first necessity of the people. consumption upgrade is, first of all, the quality upgrade of food and ingredients. as an important part of the food industry, the food packaging industry in recent years has gradually developed into one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic pillar industries in china's national economy.

aluminum foil protects healthy food

the light-gauge aluminum foil developed and produced by snto is mainly used for food packaging, and its thickness is only equivalent to one-tenth of the diameter of a hair. it is the most complicated product in aluminum processing. after long and arduous independent research and development, snto has successfully realized the short process of "cast rolling instead of hot rolling", saving 300 million kilowatts of electricity per year. with products exporting to more than 70 countries and regions at home and abroad, snto has developed itself into the largest production base for light gauge aluminum foil in the world. 


as the seventh generation packaging material, aluminum foil packaging has many unique advantages such as being aseptic, moisture-proof, freshness preservation, heat preservation, and highly malleable. it can better replace traditional plastic packaging and is increasingly being used in high-end food products such as milk inner bags and fresh fruit packaging.

reinforced aluminum foil with titanium brings true freshness-keeping

in april 2021, in response to people's escalating consumption demand, snto took the supply-side structural reform as the mainline, took the initiative to seek changes and build a new development pattern, and further developed the "freshness keeping tool" — reinforced aluminum foil with titanium. 


reinforced aluminum foil with titanium is an "all-metal preservation foil" that has set off a "kitchen revolution". instead of using the traditional fresh-keeping materials, reinforced aluminum foil with titanium uses aluminum and titanium elements and then undergoes more than ten rollings, processing, and heat treatment processes. each roll is subjected to high-temperature sterilization of 200℃ and over 48 hours. reinforced aluminum foil with titanium has high barrier properties, which can block bacteria, light, and air. ultra-thin and soft, the product is only 0.006 mm, which is the most desirable thickness for freshness keeping. the small diameter and the small number of micropores give the ingredients all-around protection, ensuring no loss of nutrition and greatly extending the freshness period of the ingredients.


currently, products made from reinforced aluminum foil with titanium are hot cakes in the live broadcast rooms of celebrities. many celebrities are endorsing reinforced aluminum foil with titanium and guarding the health and safety of every family's food.

popular around the world by creating a healthy life

in fact, reinforced aluminum foil with titanium has been popular in developed countries in europe and america for more than 40 years. it is very commonly used in restaurants, supermarkets, and homes, and has become a necessary daily household item. however, in developing countries, 30% of food is wasted from spoilage due to underdeveloped philosophy of life and a lack of effective packaging. moreover, in china, the public has little knowledge of the advantages of reinforced aluminum foil with titanium in food preservation and its contribution to sustainability, and the concept and habits of its use have not yet been formed.


as the ban on plastic bags intensifies, plastic products that are highly polluting to the environment are bound to be resisted. under such circumstances, cling film and other plastic fresh-keeping packaging products will surely be eliminated. therefore, the development of reinforced aluminum foil with titanium has entered a new era. the emergence of a new category of household foil has opened up new application scenarios for reinforced aluminum foil with titanium. it makes full use of the high barrier properties of reinforced aluminum foil with titanium, effectively blocking air, light, and other necessary conditions for the survival of microorganisms, thus providing an anti-bacterial effect and ultimately making it possible to keep food fresh. at the same time, it is also a symbol of high-quality life, representing a healthy and quality life.


reinforced aluminum foil with titanium is a good companion for refrigerators, the exclusive secret of food preservation, and the new benchmark of healthy living. with the characteristics of moisturizing and freshness preservation, easy to tear, double-sided available, reinforced aluminum foil with titanium is coming into every family.